Arts & Crafts Thursday: Paper Plate Dinosaurs

This Arts & Crafts Thursday: Paper Plate Dinosaurs party will surely be a hit! Paper plate dinosaurs are a fun and easy paper plate decoration for a birthday, anniversary, holiday party, and many other occasions.

To make the paper plate dinosaurs, you will need a sheet of cardboard, some card stock paper, and paper plates. First, you will need to cut out a template from card stock paper, then cut out a dinosaur shaped plate from the cardboard.

You may use your imagination to make your paper plate dinosaur unique. Cut out a face and eyes, maybe some horns and hair or even teeth. Then stick the card stock paper onto the template, cut it out, and glue it onto the plate.

The next step is to cut an eye hole into the top of the paper plate. Place a pin on the bottom of the plate over the hole. Slide the pin through the hole and onto the plate. After that you need to attach the pin with glue.

To decorate the paper plate, you will need to cut out various shapes and colors from your card stock paper. You can use a sponge to paint the plate if you like. For the eyes and hair on the plate, you can simply use toothpicks. For the tail, you can use a piece of card stock paper as a base and paint or draw on the tail using colored pencil.

There are many ways you can create paper plate dinosaurs for a party or an anniversary. If you would like to create a Paper Plate Dinosaur costume, you should check out our website to find a template that you will be able to download.

For the paper plate to look good, you will need a few paint brushes. Next, you will need to cut a hole in one side of the paper plate and then slide the pin through the hole and glue it on. You should then use a rubber band to hold the paper plate onto your template.

Then you need to glue a rubber band around the outside of the paper plate and slide the pin on the pin hole. and glue on the paper plate onto the template.

Last, you need to paint the paper plate by either painting the paper plate with a lighter color than the rest of the party or by using multiple colors. If you choose the latter, it may take several coats of paint to get the desired effect. As with any Halloween party or event, you should be sure to wear a costume-appropriate attire so your dinosaur looks and feels like a true dinosaur.

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