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From Sarah C.:

BassProShops-CaryBass Pro Shops opened their first local store in Cary a little over a week ago. If you’ve never visited one, it’s a massive sportsman store featuring pretty much anything you can imagine for fishing, hunting, camping, etc. Admittedly, I do none of these. I fished occasionally in my backyard growing up (one of the perks of growing up in the country) and DH is working on trying to get me to go camping, but really none of these are my “thing” now.

So why go to Bass Pro Shops? Because it is so huge and, honestly, quite entertaining to kids. (Hint: this would make an awesome rainy day adventure.) On the way there, D said he didn’t want to go. He’d never even been in one so he didn’t have a clue what it was. Once inside, he didn’t want to leave.

BassProShops-BoatsIn the front is a gifts section which includes toys and gifts for kids as well as adults. Amazingly he let go of the toys, but he did get stuck on a placemat with his name on it that we ended up purchasing.

Right next to the gifts is the boating area with several boats that you can not only admire, but climb on! Can you say child heaven? (Maybe adult heaven too!) I joked with another shopper that I could have left him on one of those boats and he’d still be there after I’d taken a walk around the entire store. There was so much fun checking out every seat and taking a spin at the steering wheel.

BassProShops-AquariumMy last visit to a Bass Pro Shops store was in Concord eight or so years ago? I thought I remembered a large aquarium and, sure enough, the Cary store has one too. It’s directly at the back of the store in the center. It was crowded with kids trying to get a good look and I’m sure will continue be a popular spot in the store.

Interested in a little “sportsman” shopping? Well, they have you covered. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fishing poles in one place. You’ll find any kind of boat accessory you can imagine. There’s even a boat repair shop. Want to hunt? Bass Pro Shops has you covered there too including a spot where you can try out an arrow. And, of course, you can buy your camouflage, shoes, and more. The list could go on and on. Pack up the family and check it out for yourself. Find Bass Pro Shops off Harrison Ave near the I-40 exit.

Bass Pro Shops
801 Bass Pro Lane

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